Tuesday, February 07, 2006


new years!!!

don't even wanna know.

if i had to guess sarge, id say confetti happened here


the nuge monster!! run!!

intellectual candle

mmm....ewan...tastes sorta like icing.

new years celebration dance

you know how to wear that hat kim

more dancing i hope

sneaking up on satomi


woah, watch your attitude andrea

andrew would like it you stopped trying to kiss him, mike

silent scream

brokeback mountain? now thats too mean.
besides, theres an ali in thebackground.

i can scratch my head and rub my belly at the same time,
see guys?


you don't know me

whoops, i did it again

helloooooooo nostrils
good old andrew

sleepy head

oh no a camera

claire, i think youre kinda blocking the doorway


nope, you aint comin through

i cawt one!

wee hee hee

were the actual twins, most folks just dont know it

shake it

deal it

drink it

spin it

what a cutie patootie

put yo hands up

james's purple skirt


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